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High-Performance Floor Coatings – How to Know If You Need It

Deciding upon a floor coating for your industrial, commercial, or residential space is a big decision. There are numerous different options today that the decision-making process difficult. One of the first choices the customer must make is whether they require a high-performance coating, and if you do, the kind of criteria the coating should meet. You should ask yourself these questions before purchasing:.

o Is there exposure to intense Temperatures? .

Do not answer too quickly. In some circumstances, the answer may be obvious such as the floor is out-of-doors, or non-climate controlled place, while others are not obvious. As an example, some areas might be climate controlled throughout the daytime, but not overnight, or might be non-climate controlled at times of the year. The place could possibly be climate controlled, however, the flooring remains vulnerable to boiling or freezing temperatures for different reasons like frozen products storage, even short-term, can affect several floors that are not temperature resistant. Also, look at the cleaning regimen utilized, too. Is the flooring steam cleaned at any point? Even short-term vulnerability to extreme temperatures can warrant using some high-performance coating.

o Is the floor vulnerable to corrosive, Hazardous substances? .

Flooring in maintenance places may get exposed to chemicals which need a high performance covering to manage adequately. You also need to consider what materials or procedures are used to clean out the floor; if harsh methods such as bleaching are required, a high-performance option is essential. It might be quite expensive at first, but it will save costs later, since a high performance option will last longer.

o Does your floor handle high traffic? .

Floors with continuous traffic should have a better kind of coating. Again, it’s a costly investment at first but much cheaper in the long run; the floor coating will not need reapplication as shortly and the client won’t need to shut down as frequently.

o Is your floor subject to heavy or high impact loads? .

Traffic may be regular to take a high performance coating; If a floor is susceptible to heavy loads, or high impact loads, it should have a high-level coating to make sure that it isn’t damaged. As many regular coatings promise hefty load-bearing abilities, they rarely guarantee that performance during an extended duration of time, so a high-performance choice is still the better deal.

There is another good reason to select high-performance coatings: they often last longer. They need to be replaced less frequently, which means less expenses over time, more uptime and more convenience to the customer in the long run.

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